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Artist Profile

A former art teacher and designer, I gave up my ‘day job’- as Chief Executive of North Wales Housing Association [1985-2000], to concentrate on painting and music. I lived in the Snowdonia village of Rhyd-Ddu from 1985 until 2004, learned the Welsh language and have a close affinity with life in North Wales.

I have run and walked most of the mountains and hills of North Wales and though my paintings and drawings are rarely specific to one ‘recognisable’ place, they endeavour to express certain essential dramatic qualities of the Eryri environment and more recently the gentler, more lyrical landscape of the Clwydian hills and the urban life of Mold, Chester and Manchester.

Anyone who has been to North Wales will know the range of feelings that can emerge, whether stimulated by atmosphere, weather or just a very 'presence’. If all art is some form of ‘abstract expression’, then maybe mine is a search for the gestures of painting and drawing that relate to  the experience of  ‘being there’. I am told that my work is ‘vigorous and energetic’; certainly my response to the environment has been both physical and emotional and maybe this comes across. 

I now live in Mold, which is just inside Wales and about 12 miles west of Chester and  I am currently influenced by the landscape of Clwyd, and the urban environment of Chester, Manchester and Sheffield. My recent work also reflects my interest in 'family history' - hence a series of 'figure-scapes', searching for the rhythms of land and figure, often in primordial settings. All of this  I  developed in my M.A. Fine Art studies at Glyndwr University. which concluded  summer 2011.

David Brightmore    January 2014